Friday, July 31, 2015

REAL BRIDE: Samantha

Jordan & Samantha Swanwick

An hour before Samantha came into the store I changed the front mannequin to showcase a new gown. As soon as she arrived for her appointment and saw that gown through the window she was in love. She tried it on and everyone knew it was more than perfect. Before we show you how perfect it truly was, we want to share a bit of the Swanwick's love story. 

How did you meet your (now husband)?
Jordan and I became good friends through a mutual friend my freshman year and his senior year of high school. The truth is, I always loved him, but the fact that I was a freshman freaked him out. It probably didn't help that I was barely 5 feet tall when he's 6'3"! As time went on we became best friends. We talked all the time about everything. After a year or so, he finally realized to stop being such a chicken because 16 or not I was his modern day Cinderella! The past 8 years of growing into adulthood as a couple have by far been the best times of our lives! As we got out first apartment together, Jordan began the start of his career and with his support, I was able to discover my own dream career! We knew early on that God had made us specifically as one. 

Tell us your proposal story.
After 6 years of discovering all of his disgusting and annoying habits, and him realizing that my need for a good cry sometimes happens way too often...he proposed! I knew it was coming, or at least our parents had said it better! After trying to plan my outfits and fix my hair at all times, he caught me totally off guard the morning of September 11th, 2013. Waking up on Wednesday morning to find him nowhere in sight and 25 missed calls and text messages saying "are you there?" I walked into the living room looking quite rough with Jordan's old Royals t-shirt and messy hair to discover rose petals leading to the front door with a note and my car key telling me to get in my car and drive. As I got in the car I found another note that told me to drive to the first place we kissed. With shock and excitement I drove to his Grandma's driveway to find another message telling me to go to the river where we got caught by the cops making out. A story we never told anyone to save from embarrassment, but now it's a part of our story. The next message told me to go to our favorite sweet spot - this was of course Lori's Cookies. I walk in and he had already paid for me to pick up cookies, which included another message telling me to meet him where we started our lives together - our first apartment. I pull up to find rose petals leading me to our back courtyard with him down on one knee with my dream ring in one hand and a dozen roses in the other! The words of him asking me to become his forever was a tone in his voice I'll remember until I die. I don't even remember saying yes. I just wanted to cry and not stop hugging him. Jordan is without a doubt my person, my soul mate, my best friend, and my rock. When God says "let his will be done," I didn't realize the magic he would bestow on our lives!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
My favorite part by far was Jordan's vows and seeing him wearing a ring, which is still a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be his wife. He will tell you I'm the hopeless romantic, but the day I became his wife was literally more than the best day of my life because of what he promised me - to be my forever. The love and passion his eyes spoke is something that words will never be able to accurately describe.

What advice would you give to other brides?
Love every step of the way, because you never get today back. Planning your wedding is like finally getting to be Cinderella in real life, only you get to plan every moment. Just know it may not be perfect. Coming from a perfectionist, just know it will all be okay. Actually, it's more than okay because you're with your person, which is what this whole thing is about. The flowers are beautiful and the sequin runners are gorgeous, but the overwhelming romance and happiness from becoming a wife is unlike any detail that you can include!

Bridal Look:
Shoes | Badgley Mishka
Earrings & Bracelet | Dillards
Headpiece | Blue Sky Horizons
Hair/Makeup | The Beauty Bar

Wedding Professionals:
Venue & Caterer | Crestwood Country Club
Floral | Weston's
Cake | Small Cakes
Rentals | Legacy Events
Photography | The Mitchell's Photography
Videography | Tristen Williamson

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