Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tips & Tricks: Hair Vine

How To Wear A Hair Vine

So you've officially said "yes" to your something white when another big decision arises- how to style your hair for your big day. As a busy bride you may feel a tiny bit overwhelmed with how many possibilities there are to style your hair day-of and sometimes it's hard to commit to another wedding detail.

Whether you're thinking of wearing your hair in a low bun, a pretty waterfall braid, half up, or down and beachy, a hair vine is the perfect hair accessory. Hair vines are the most versatile of all the different hair accessories and offer brides the ability to commit to an accessory, without totally committing to a hair style. Thanks to the flexibility of the vine, hair vines can be used so many different ways just by bending the shape of the vine to match your style. More options on shape means a wider range of hairstyle possibilities to decide on later down the road.

Below are three of our favorite ways to style a hair vine, but remember, the options are endless!

Hanging Along The Hair

We love the modern and effortless feel of having your hair vine just dangle in your bridal hairstyle. If you decide this is the style for you keep two key points in mind when shopping for your vine: first, consider the weight of the headpiece. Ideally your vine should be light so that you're able to move and dance all night long. Another thing to consider when opting for a hanging vine, your hair should be styled on the tousled end of things to ensure that your headpiece is secure and won't just slide off throughout the night.

As A Bun Wrap

Decided to wear your hair up? A sweet and darling way to style your hair vine is simply by shaping the vine to fit around whatever up-do you and your stylist agree on. Whether you opt for a messy bun or a sleek chiffon bun, using your hair vine as a bun wrap is sure to add the detail your hair accessory should. 

As A Headband

For our bride who wants to wear her hair down but still have a little sparkle and detail in her hair toward the front. A hair vine will make a perfect headband due to the flexibility of the vine and the ability to mold it into whatever shape is comfortable for you.


Hair vine Edward Berger Bridal
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