Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tips & Tricks: Veils

How To Wear A Veil

Many brides-to-be admit that the first moment they truly felt like a bride was the moment their consultant suggested that it was time to try on veils. There is just something about a veil that takes you from being a pretty girl in a pretty dress to being The Bride. But how do you style a veil? How do you wear one? Most of us don't walk around with an ivory veil of tulle attached to our hair everyday, so we're here (with styling help by our friends, White Carpet Bride) to teach you the ropes!

Our veils come standard with a metal comb that your stylist will slide carefully into whichever hair style you have your heart set on and will stay in place comfortably and securely until you decide to take it out.
Brides will typically leave their veil in until after the first dance.

Styling your veil is all about placement. Rule of thumb: no matter what style or length of veil you choose, the higher on the crown of your head you wear your veil, the more it will drape over your shoulders. 

Placing your veil below your updo, like in the photo below on the right, will show off your hairstyle while placing your veil above your updo will serve as a more traditional accent and lightly fall on the tops of your shoulders.

Bonus Tip:
Adding a comb to the top of your veil will add an additional detail to your overall bridal look.


Veils & Headpiece Edward Berger Bridal
Hair & Makeup White Carpet Bride
Photography The Grays Photography
Gowns Ellis Bridals

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