Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tips & Tricks: Alterations

Alterations Tips

So you've found your dream gown, but it needs adjustments to make it the perfect fit, what now? For most brides, the world of alterations and the process behind it is uncharted territory. If you have never been one to have basic garments tailored, taking your wedding gown in for alterations can be intimidating. Here is a list of tips we have compiled based on our most common recommendations for SW brides! 
  • Order your gown early
    • Eight months is ideal for most designers. Finding your gown, avoiding rush fees, and giving your seamstress more time for modifications is always best.
  • Schedule your alterations appointment early
    • Most seamstresses request that you allow 8 weeks for the alterations process to be complete. It is best to schedule the appointment earlier on so it is on everyone's radar.
  • Budget accordingly
    • Don't skimp on your alterations. After all, what is a pretty dress if it is ill-fitting? Most brides can count on needing some sort of alterations done to their gown. How much tailoring will cost can vary wildly, depending on the style of gown, fabric, and how involved the adjustments are. If you're worried about pricing simply send a photograph of the gown and expected alterations necessary to get an expected cost up front. Most seamstresses require at least 50% deposit to start alterations on your gown.
  • Take your accessories to your fitting
    • If you are wanting to wear shape wear of any kind, be sure to bring to every fitting. It is absolutely necessary to ensure the overall fit is perfect.
    • Be sure to bring your wedding day shoes with you too! This will ensure your hemline is exact for the big day. So don't forget to prioritize shoe shopping prior to your first alterations appointment. 
    • BONUS TIP: You may be thinking about wearing heels for your ceremony and slipping into something "more comfortable" for the reception. We totally understand, but beware. If you wear a 2.5 inch heel to the ceremony and switch into a 1/2 inch flat for the reception, your gown is going to be 2 inches too long and you will potentially trip or someone else could tear your gown by accidentally stepping on it. Keep this in the back of your mind when choosing wedding day shoes.
    • If you are wearing jewelry, a sash, veil, etc - bring these with you too so you can see your entire wedding day look together. If you don't like the look of something you will still have time to adjust.
  • Add a bustle
    • Most gowns feature some sort of train. Even if that train is shorter, invest in a bustle. Carrying your train around all reception is a lot of work & not something you should be worrying about on your wedding day. Investing in a bustle ensures that no one will be stepping all over your gown during your reception & you will be free to move around accordingly. Your seamstress will assist in showing you a variety of bustle options and you can choose the one you like the look of best.
  • Reinforce the bustle
    • Speaking of a bustle, talk to your seamstress about reinforcing a bustle. There is a lot of fabric hanging on by sometimes a single hook so in case this gives during the wedding day there will be a backup.
  • Record the bustle
    • When it comes time to enter the reception, the excitement of the wedding day may cause you to forget how your gown bustles up. We recommend to record your seamstress completing your bustle so you have a reference in the moment.
  • Tack down your sash
    • Nothing is worse than looking back on your wedding photos, only to see that your sash wasn't centered or was crooked in the majority of your photos. Avoid this by asking your seamstress to tack down your sash to your gown.
  • Add bra cups
    • You'll thank us later! Wearing a "real bra" is completely unnecessary in 98% of our wedding gowns. The structure is built right into the gown so having bra cups put in will not only be more comfortable, but will look more natural too. For the other 2% we will give individual guidance on recommended undergarments.
  • Make sure you can sit
    • Before asking alterations to snug up your gown, ensure that you are able to sit comfortably. We want your gown to look as bomb on your butt as you do, but we want you to be able to sit without tearing your gown.
  • Don't hang your gown by the straps
    • Hanging your gown by the straps will likely stretch the fabric because of the weight of your gown. Instead only hang your gown by the garment hangers attached to the inside.
  • Bring another person
    • Consider inviting your mom or another trusted relative or friend to your fittings and take into consideration their reliable opinion. It's nice to have another set of eyes!
If our list doesn't cover a specific situation for you, just give us a call at 816-216-7454 and we are happy to chat. Good luck with your alterations!


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